Online Diversity Workshop January 2021

Pilot Workshop
We ran a 2-3 hr zoom workshop in early January where we discussed initiatives to improve diversity and inclusivity within NIME over both the long and short term.

Topics we discussed

  • Presenting results from the NIME 2020 diversity survey and discuss comments and suggestions such as:
    • Setting up a sibling system to help newcomers to the community navigate NIME language and get the most out of conference attendance
    • English-as-first-language editing assistance for those with great research, but not as great English skills and limited funds to hire assistance.
  • Developing a mentorship program.
  • Financial and geographical impediments to NIME participation.
  • Planning a diversity workshop for NIME 2021.
We welcome additional ideas and suggestions for future discussion and hope this workshop had yielded some well-defined actionable items.